Catch Me!! - Pet Toy



  • Tap start: Tapping emits a short light to indicate that it has been powered on
  • Random steering or retreat: Built-in high-speed universal wheel, will randomly turn or retreat when hitting an obstacle quickly
  • Infrared sensing & high-speed: The hand enters the sensing area, when the small dream senses and begins to run away, the light flashes and sounds
  • Light flashes and Lively sound: The product will flash quickly and make a sound. When the cute induction toy enters the sleep state, just tap it to restart the wakeup

How To Use

Happy Pets


Most frequent questions and answers

The shipping takes around 3 weeks but sometimes it might take around 5 – 6 weeks due to corona virus, lockdown and protest. We will make sure that your order reaches you as soon as possible.



Depends on what you have. Mostly no.

Once you place your order the we will email you the tracking link within few days.

The toy is made up of plastic which is a slandered material used in almost all toys.

Once you order we wont be able to refund you the money. But in case you get a wrong item or the product doesn’t arrives within 45 days. Contact us on this email – [email protected]

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