My dog ​​doesn’t like me to touch his paws. Why?

Knowing your dog’s body language is essential for a good understanding. Loving your pet is very nice, but surely you have wondered, “why does my dog not like when we touch his paws?”.As with humans, dogs prefer to receive loving and touching in certain areas of the body, while others find it annoying. What is […]

My dog ​​barks all night What to do?

A dog that barks all night can become a problem for you. Not only it will prevent your family from resting well, but it could also cause conflicts with neighbors. Puppies, adults, and the elderly may exhibit this behavior, but criticizing them is not the solution. If your dog does not stop barking, you need […]

Can dogs eat yogurt? And is it Healthy?

Can dogs eat yogurt? And is it Healthy? Many people ask us what foods are beneficial or harmful to their dogs, including yogurt. The beginning of veterinary medicine, based mainly on the administration and supervision of food with beneficial properties for our dogs. What about yogurt? Can or can’t they eat it? The answer is […]